"An International Comparison of Country-Specific Work Methods
Project duration: 2017-2020

1. Starting point
This proposal is directed to all internationally operating companies in different European and Asian countries and other continents. The proposal presents a sponsored research project (application still to be submitted) to promote the participation of internationally active enterprises. The objective is the development of innovative tools and models for a new structure and organisation of work with results applicable by other enterprises.

The age of digitalisation has begun with an increased pressure in the globalised market. International customers have higher expectations with regards to a good and even faster service. Projects are more complex and project teams with partners from around the globe consist frequently of virtual teams only. Enterprises are relentlessly striving for higher productivity and effectiveness.

Country-specific work cultures and business practices are influencing factors which have been identified as hidden stumbling blocks emerging unexpectedly during a project and causing additional expenses. Exactly here lies the potential for the optimization of international project management.


2. Objective
IThe focus of the study is an increase of efficiency based on the knowledge of culture- related mind-sets and country-specific work methods in the business process. Being knowledgeable about other peoples puts you in a position to better understand their ways of thinking and their expectations. In comparing different thinking patterns and ways of behaviour you get to know the different concepts of order in other countries. At the same time, you discover the convergence points to establish a harmonious cooperation.


3. Planned result

A comparison of country specific work practices such as work methods, work rhythm, priorities, communication patterns and others as well as practical suggestions to improve efficiency.


4. Your benefit
Companies could benefit from the results of this study as follows:

  • Ensure a better coordination and cooperation between the parent company and its branches abroad
  • Optimization of communication with international customers and partners
  • Promotion of international team spirit
  • Constructive solutions of conflicts
  • The new skills empower your employees to refine their personal work methods when dealing with foreign partners and colleagues and therefore being able to actively control the projects.
  • Your company benefits from a positive work climate with motivated and satisfied employees.
  • A more harmonious cooperation offers opportunities to reach the company's objectives faster, complete projects in less time and achieve a higher quality level
  • Our experienced advisors will lead the practice-oriented functions of your company by workshops to collect data. During the process of data collection your employees will be informed about other economic cultures and have the opportunity to instantly apply the knowledge acquired at the workplace.
  • The results of the survey will be published in reports and in a book.
  • Participating companies will get company-specific recommendations for a more efficient intercultural cooperation.


4. Participation and Funding

Join us and profit yourself in this project. We would be very happy to receive financial support from your company and would like you to be a sponsor of this project. We are looking forward to a personal meeting to inform you of further details.

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Mrs.Joanne Huang
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