Industrial consultancy and intercultural training

Welcome to the website of Huang+Jaumann Consultancy and Training. We are specialists for the harmonization of German-Chinese business processes, project work, organizational development and smooth coordination between German and Chinese partners.

We take into account the entire cultural environment of all parties involved in a business. An innovative global business approach has to take three influencing factors equally into consideration: "industry", "people" and "culture" (see graphic). The concept assumes that in the global business world a harmonious cooperation with a simultaneous integration of different professional, intellectual and cultural factors is definitely possible. The objectives are a successful business outcome, an increase of productivity, a controllable time frame and budget as well as a satisfied and balanced team.


What causes people all over the world to agree on common goals and aspire them together? What motivates them to deal with the foreignness of others and to achieve a high productivity together?

All human beings strive after support and unity. Although Asians think in a different way to Europeans both still have the same basic needs. Industry, people and culture can definitely be compatible. We show you the way.

How could business procedures between a Chinese subsidiary and the German parent company be harmonized? What should be taken into consideration? What possible solutions to problems do exist? We address these topics thoroughly and we also developed an approach to solutions. We will also demonstrate all available possibilities.

Our consultants have long-term working experience in the industries. We speak three languages - English, Chinese and German, we are very familiar with the German as well as the Chinese society and the respective business cultures. We are able to fully comprehend your specific situation because we had similar or the same personal experiences. Therefore we know what action could be taken to effectively solve your problems.

Our consultation methods combine process-consultation (systemic consultation) with the expert approach. Just name your objectives e.g. project management, organizational change management, leadership and integration of working style. Others might concern the operational management such as the introduction of a new manufacturing or operational process in the Chinese subsidiary.
Whatever your goals might be, we will develop a suitable program for your specific requirements and also deal with its implementation. Feel free to contact us or send us an email. We will call you back.

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Mrs. Joanne Huang
Tel. +49-821-319 98 40